How To Keep Your Hair Healthy While Dying It

From my personal experience dying your hair won’t necessarily stop it from growing

Why I’m Able To Dye My Hair Without Damage

  1. I’m focusing on the roots. I don’t dye the full length of my hair over and over and over, I only dye the roots as the gray/white appears
  2. It’s just one “hair sin.” My personal theory is that we have to still enjoy our hair and its okay to choose one thing that the experts tell you not to do as long as you are good everywhere else! I’m being very careful in other areas so I can get away with dying.
  3. I’m dying my hair darker and not lighter. When you need/want to dye your hair to a lighter shade than it is you need lift. And lift is achieved with bleach or hydrogen peroxide, which are very harsh substances. If you can dye your hair without needing bleach that is going to go a long way in keeping your hair healthier. If you do want to go lighter, I highly recommend going to a professional hair color stylist. They are trained to know the best ratios to use to keep your hair from falling out. If you bleach yourself at home you are courting disaster! Also be aware that it may take several sessions with the hairstylist to get to the color you want. It’s best for them to go slowly. If you move too quickly in the bleaching process then you will damage your hair and struggle with length retention.

Your Dye Options:

Semi-Permanent Color v.s. Permanent Color

Color-Depositing Conditioners


  1. mix an amount of henna powder according to how much hair you are trying to dye with warm water and a little bit of acid such as lemon juice until you get a cake frosting consistency (sunrise henna comes with an acid powder that is more gentle than lemon juice)
  2. Leave to sit for a minimum of four hours (btw, it has a very “earthy” smell at this point)
  3. Wear gloves (remember it will stain skin!) and smear over your hair, making sure to coat every strand. Add a little more water as needed to keep the henna moist while you apply. It will be very messy and goopy and thick.
  4. Wrap your hair in a plastic bag and leave on for at least four hours but ideally over night.
  5. Rinse out and shampoo and condition as normal. Rinsing out is challenging because you will find that you have a lot of grit in your hair and what feels like dirt.

Hair Salons

Box Dye

If your hair is already damaged from dye or bleach




Creating sales funnels for people who hate sales funnels. You need a funnel, but it doesn’t have to be pushy!

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Carolyn Choate

Carolyn Choate

Creating sales funnels for people who hate sales funnels. You need a funnel, but it doesn’t have to be pushy!

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